At DFE you will find all the solutions you need for a dynamically changing environment.
Our professional team specialises in consultancy services, Professional bodyguards, and highly trained and experienced Security officers.

We have a variety of other services such as we can offer armed rapid response truck activation within Zambia incase your truck breaks down or is in danger we can respond and secure it , right from Kasumbalsa border to Livingstone.

We work hand In hand with other security companies locally and internationally increasing our footprint, Information and networking as well as expanding our services to our clients.


Security Guards / Gunmen (if required)

  • Provide a uniformed security officers as requested.
  • Witness if possible the weighing, sealing, and loading of minerals.
  • Prevent as far as capabilities allow no tampering with product before the escort leaves.
  • Prevent as far as capabilities allow no tampering or removal of product along the route.
  • Ensure a detail handover of products at destination. Reporting all incidents to Delta Force Escorts Zambia
  • Management immediately.
  • Report misconduct of driver or misuse of vehicle or removal of fuel from the vehicle immediately.


Security Expert Consultant

  • Supervision and control all the workforce.
  • Controlling information regarding operational and technical problems on the route.
  • Report to the client on daily base.
  • Responsible of operation on logistics and operations

Perceived Threat

The threat is perceived as follows

*Un-authorized removal of minerals, fuel or equipment along the route.

*Un-authorized removal of minerals, fuel or equipment from the storage/parking area.

*Hijacking of the truck


Operation plan:

General outlines:

  • DFE is working with highly professional expats coming from military and other security agencies worldwide.
  • Expats will supervise and control the local human resources.
  • In the region there will be at least one expat who will control and manage the operation.
  • DFE will also put in place a system of checkpoints for better control.
  • In case of major incident such as hijacking, accident, death DFE will be able to give quick reaction by using its own operation and its working connections in each country.


Will provide over all support in terms of workforce, logistics, operation, finance, HR.

Expatriate country manager:

• Managing operation

• Planning and executing

• Supervision and control

• Overlapping

• Liaison

• Contact with client

• Reports


• Securing trucks and convoy