Delta Force Escorts (DFE) is an integrative security company that offers security solutions to private personnel, public services, and governmental sectors.

Delta Force Escorts (DFE) was founded and formed in Zambia in 2018 and between the management team the company has 50 years of security experience behind them locally and abroad.

Mission Statement and Vision

Delta Force Escorts (DFE) follows the rules of strict adherence to business governance through its mission statements and objectives. This is its elected way of realizing its vision.

Company Mission Statement

Delta Force Escorts (DFE) mission is:-

‘’To be the preferred supplier of guarding services and provide a fair return for all stakeholders, that is, our customers, employees, government, and shareholders.’’

In order to achieve our mission statement, Delta Force Security Team Ltd is committed to providing a high quality guarding services in line with the individual security requirements of each customer.

We achieve this by:

  • Assessing individual customer requirements
  • Recruiting Security guards, Supervisors and managers who fulfill both your and our exacting standards.
  • Thorough security screening of all guards and members of staff
  • Initial classroom training followed by regular tailor made on-site training.
  • Providing all officers and staff with an attractive package of conditions of service, job security and prospects
  • Strong local management support coupled with vast international expertise
  • On-site security management to ensure  contracts run smoothly
  • Continuous liaison with customer’s nominated representatives

Company Vision

Delta Force Escorts (DFE) statement is:

‘’To become a market leader in the provision of security services.’’